Erdman's sculptures of luxurious wood, informed by studies in architecture and boat building, evoke the elegantly flowing lines of a sailing vessel on the water. His hand carved sculptures are often culled from deep forest scavenging at his family's rural homestead. These gathering trips are an important part of the healthy life cycle of the land, and his artwork memorializes these fallen treasured trees. Yet his process of carving brings new form to the object, a resurrection of sorts, transforming it from a heavy, solid mass into a study in light, air and movement.

Significance is placed on the object itself as well as the tension in the air surrounding it, as one would view a sail in the breeze.
Erdman embraces the significance of the natural environment and the promise of renewal, emphasizing his reverence and awe for the sea on which he sails and the land in which he chooses to live and and make art.